Plans for Dynamic GI

Is anyone able to explain what Epic’s short and long term plans for dynamic are? I’m trying to lay out plans for a project and need to know exactly what is available now and in the short term future.

As far as I’m aware we’ve got static GI with shadows, dynamic GI with no shadows, a heavy form of ambient occlusion which can be used with the latter and finally a prototype of dynamic GI With shadows being worked on by Lionhead that you can turn on via an ini file.

Is that the full story? Or are there any forms of dynamic GI with CSM available in UE4 that’s similar to what we’ve seen in UE3 games like Boarderlands?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks Jacky, but I’ve got info on Lionhead’s GI solution already. What I’m after is where this fits in with Epic’s short & long plans for GI and what other options are currently available.