Planetrism - VR Project

A lot of changes for environments. Added more rock structures and tweaked my rock creating workflow better so I can make more rocks faster. I also made more material changes and foliage changes. I came up with different tree and cactus types that works with our setting. All of this is scattered procedurally on 25km2 landscape. I found out that my 7870 is not able to spawn foliage when simulating the whole landscape area so I divided spawners into smaller groups and sectors. Now my graphics card seams to be somehow stable after simulations :slight_smile: Also added culling volumes in those sectors.

Here is a small video from our first player mode to show small part of the environment and our car in action:

I also tweaked our sky and distance planets, overall lighting and so on. Now all of our materials are organized into material functions and during that process I was able to optimize some part of our terrain material. Everything is running smoothly still in VR. With default first person mode we are getting around 120fps steadily so there is room for different things still.

I started to prototype dynamic weather system that will work along with our dynamic day / night system. Also all of the foliage is now using global wind so different weather types are easier to implement. One thing that I think came out pretty well are hot spring pools. Its actually pretty simple setup but really adds more colours to scene.

Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask.

Beautiful as always, but I would like to see a little more variation in the color palette.

@Osok Thanks that´s a good point. I have some plans to add more color variation there.

This is definitely one to watch. Awesome artwork guys. Looking forward to see this progress and eventually play it.

@Mrob76u Thanks! Once we have the core working there might be a change that we can share a demo.

Here is a small update. We´ve been very busy making UI elements and interactions. The UI system is called: A.N.G.E.L. - TEAR -Interface (Autonomous Networked Guardian of Essence and Lucidity - Temporal Eyetracking Augmented Reality). Its basically AR vision that player have in a VR game :slight_smile: I made this widget that will show player status, logs, settings, map etc… I also made some generic windows that will be used for items and buildings. I also created a holo material that will be used to render objects in the AR system like world maps and so on.

Amazing quality.

@pinworm Thanks!

Some updates to environment side of things. I made some broken building structures and tweaks to overall lighting.

I also made our first creature. Its a caterpillar type of animal that is mostly friendly but will attack when player goes too close. This worm likes to be in shadows where there is moisture and small insects for food. Usually player will find these in caves or near big rocks.

I absolute love the aesthetics of this. I just recently got hands on my very own HTC Vive so if you need some help testing and feedback, let me know - I’d love to help out anyway possible! :rolleyes:

@Dealman Thanks! We are working with the core right now so as soon we get that up and running we can share a demo.

A lot of changes again. We work pretty much day and night to get the core up and running and also have much more detailed environment full of life. We also put a discord chat up: There you can chat with us, find latest news and give feedback.

First thing that I want to share is recent tweaks to our first person blueprint. We are now supporting more dynamic movement. Here are few gifs that shows the changes and some of the updated environment.

Some new creatures! Here are the hi-poly versions but we already have low-polys done and textured. I also rigged them and made basic animations that will help to make more believebla AI interactions.

This is a predator fish. It will hunt smaller animals or player. Very fast but also almost blind so it needs to rely on its side sensors.

Here is a mole creature that will live most of its time underground. Mostly friendly but can bite and destroy buildings or crops.

Here are some of the biomes that shows different nature elements that player will encounter in the first exoplanet called New Skylake.

the amount of detail in your model is too insanely good, will keep an eye on this

@raventhebird Thanks! I like to add details and I think with VR its more important to get things detailed.

For the last few days I´ve been making more items that player can use for healing and repairing things. More to come :slight_smile:

Awesome project! Cool art! Looking forward to seeing more updates!

Environments are crazy beautiful! Well done!

@Stellarbe Thanks! I will keep updating this thread as we go :slight_smile:

@**Leviathan’s_Deep **Thanks!

I´ve been modeling more items lately. First is a climbing axe that player can use to climb on a certain surfaces. Also it works as a melee weapon too. More better quality shots and Marmoset Viewer can be found here:

I also modeled a geo scanner that is handy for finding out best spots to start drilling some resources. Then I also modeled the drill itself. More better quality shots and Marmoset Viewer can be found here:

Next I need to start modeling the main hub area for the game. That would be interesting and a huge task.

Here is a shot from the game with that drill.

Also here is a shot about some of the manual books that player can find in the game.

For the last 12 days I´ve been working pretty much day and night for making the game hub area. This area will be the place where game starts. Also this area will be expanded to cover different tutorial sections. From here player will travel to different exoplanets where the actual game is taking place. This is a fully modular and dynamic level with dynamic lighting. After some optimizing I was able to get this run really smoothly in VR. Planets are also based on my Substance Designer graphs that I made earlier and meteorites and planet clouds are also moving over time. More better quality shots here:

So when do invites go out for testing :))))) i want in.

We are aiming to release a demo soon. Stay tuned!