Planetery simulator thoughts?

So basically I want to use unreal engine to create a planetary simulator through virtual reality. There are plenty of ideas I have in mind including a trigger that activates when the user walks towards the planet and a freedom of movement. I just wanted to know if this was possible! It will literally have all planets from mercury to pluto. The sun will be included and there will be no animation for the orbiting.

Also is it better to develop a system like this on Unity or on Unreal Engine. I plan to use Samsung VR but I’m not 100% certain.

Thanks again!

Hi SilverMeteor,

Although it’s a bit on the gamey side, something similar that comes to mind is Universe Sandbox VR (Universe Sandbox | VR)

The sky is the limit! Or in this case, maybe the edge of the universe - if there is one? :slight_smile:

Good luck!

To be honest, the mathematics involved are the same, no matter what engine you choose. I think a better question is: which engine would make it easier for me to make this simulator?

What is your code background? If you know C#, then Unity. If you know C++, then Unreal If neither, Unreal Blueprints are a great way in, and the VR template will get you up and running very quickly.

Also: You could check out Valve’s The Lab solar system VR room, although it isn’t much of a simulator.

Thank you so much, all of you. I’m on a deadline and I plan to complete this by the 30th of April so I will get started on it. My final question is that, does Unreal Engine work on Mobile Devices? Thanks again, much appreciated guys, this really helped me!