Planet to space station transition


I’m curious as to how you would go about creating a transition between a top down RTS view of a level, and to then seamlessly zoom out into a planet view and then into a fps character looking out of a static spaceship/ station.

The zooming in and out of levels would be similar to how planet scanning worked in Mass Effect, or the zooming in and out of levels in the modern warfare campaigns.

Thanks for any tips you can provide!

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FYI I have completed prototype RTS and FPS game modes. Really curious how to combine the two in the form described above. Thanks

Hey, some ideas:

  1. To create your transition from planet to space station you could unpossess your current Pawn, then spawn a new pawn with a camera at the same location, possess this pawn, move the pawn to the position of your 2. pawn, unpossess your transition-pawn, destroy it, possess your 2. pawn
  2. Transition like in Mass Effect: If it is a small map where you can’t get out, you could create 3 maps on top of each other. Lowest: Space Station with FPS Pawn, Middle: 3D System Map with a RTS Pawn, Top: Empty map with a Pawn which controls a planet/sphere with the mouse. Then again Unpossess/Possess procedure :slight_smile:

Interesting! Thanks for the reply! I’ve got something smashed together so I’ll stick it here if it works out.