Planet Material (Tri-planar sphere layers)

Hi guys,

I have been stuck on this for solid 2 weeks and I was not able to find any suitable solution.

I have a procedurally generated planet with caves and mountains, but I cannot find any way to make nice material for this planet. The process is also complidated because the planet is split into chunks. To make the planet large, I have created chunks that can load appropriately. I have tried all similar-case solutions but non of them seem to work.

So what I want is grass texture on the surface of the planet. No grass texture in caves. Second problem is snow on surfaces with distance from the center of the planet greater than X.

I would appreciate any guidance in this regard. If you could recommend some articles that I was unable to find or any examples?

Kind regards,

assuming you know the center of the planet you could create a sphere mask from that and use that to mask so only the outside will be getting grass. should work for the snow as well.

cant you mask them by slope?
or create splat maps externally?
a screenshot would help.