Planet atmosphere help

Hi all,

Please I try to make in UE4 planet with atmosphere. Can anybody share tutorial with me how to make it or is there some already make product for UE4 for buy ( some planet generator )
I want to create something like this Realistic Atmosphere 1.0 - Showcase - YouTube.

I find some tutorials: Planetary atmosphere shader - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums and this UE4 Planet Shader - YouTube

But I dont like result what I have :slight_smile:

Can anybody help me with this issue?


This is what I have now

check this thread [LIVE STREAM] TheJamsh's Developer & Tutorial Streams! - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums, in the “previous streams” section there is a link to a youtube video that might help you.

thank you - I will jump on youtube and I will check it out :wink: