Planer Reflections + Translucency?

I cant quite figure out how to get the planner reflections to work with Translucency. Been looking around for any information for the past few hours. anyone have some info to help me out here?
I’m trying to make some reflective glass, thanks!

You need to enable planar reflections from check box at material.

Ok so i’m in 4.15, and I had attempted also in 4.14.1
Anyways followed that video exactly and for the life of me could not get the reflections to work on the translucent material. I also have a non translucent material in the scene to confirm that the reflections were working.
and yeah man @Kalle-h, I tried with and without the planner reflections check box inside the material and also together with Surface ForwardShading and Surface TranslucencyVolume selected in the lighting mode of the material.

Just create lit material with small roughness value and place planar reflection actor over it.

Yeah that works with the material without the translucency, I need it to work with translucency.

I’m not sure about forward shading option.
I used it only with translucency volume.

It is for VR or something?

Oh no not for VR, Just trying to make some glass and also some water effect for my game.
I wonder if there are other settings that I’m missing somewhere. Could someone maybe make an example that works and upload it here ? I have no clue what I’m missing here.

Material has to be using lit shading mode.

Do you mean the Default lit? I’m using that. ( I’ve tried so many material settings, nothing seems to be working) I even tried on a second computer worried that the drivers may have been a cause.

So yeah besides that video, has anyone actually gotten planer reflections to work with translucencies ?

Yes )
As I already said - just make lit material with roughness like ~ 0.1 and surface volume lightning for translucency. And place planar reflection actor on it.

Yeah ive tried it. can you show me a screen of your result ? and are you sure you are in game display mode by pressing G? because at first I thought it was working , but I made the mistake of seeing the planner reflection actor threw the translucent material applied to a plane model, and thought it was working.
is this right? ( and yeah I tried metallic and specular too , ( not shown in image)

Here’s a simple setup using redbox’s suggestion. You have to make sure that Surface Translucency Volume or Surface ForwardShading is used for the Lighting Model, otherwise you won’t get the results you want. Another consideration is, if you’re using Forward Rendering enabled for the project or for mobile you’ll need to enable these settings in the material as well for Planar Reflections checkbox.

Material - Translucent, Surface TranslucencyVolume

Planar reflection actor settings

Thanks for the help guys! ive been using all the correct settings all along, But ! What’s so weird, is that the Planar Reflection actor needed to be exactly the same height as the model I was using the material on, for example if I used a 1 sided plane model with the translucent/Reflective material applied, than the Planar Reflection actor had to be set to the same height as the plane model! (for example: With the plane model set to a height of 64, the Planar Reflection actor had to also be at a height of 64)

But than I discovered something else. It’s that if I used a box model and placed the Planner Reflection actor inside the box model it worked as long as its intersecting the box model even at various height differences. But yeah if I moved the Planar Reflection actor’s height even 1 unit above or below both the plane and or the box model, it would cease to function! Normally you can move the Planar Reflection actor below or above the model with the reflective material (without translucency) and it will still work ! (but as soon as you enable the translucency even with the correct material settings to the material, you can kiss the reflections good bye.

@redbox, That water looks so nice man ! Its like you can jump in and swim shark free!

I wanted to add… I think this is good that it works like this, because when you clone both the model with reflection material, and the Planar Reflection actor, you can have 2 surfaces at various heights with correct reflections! But I wish this info was in the documentation somewhere! Unless I missed it!

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Thanks for this thread and info, it has helped a great deal!