Planar reflections - VR compatibility on the roadmap?

With the apparent new (and much appreciated) focus on VR features, compatibility, and optimizations for UnrealEngine (I counted around 11 major VR updates in 4.13 including the new VR template, and 4.12 had some huge VR features added; Daydream + OSVR support, and the VR editor) I’m wondering where on the roadmap planar reflections are, in terms of VR compatibility.

It seems like an absolutely vital feature of an engine that strives for photorealism, and I’m glad we finally got it in 4.12, but I’m wondering when it will come to VR too. I get that some fragmentation has to occur with Non-VR vs VR development as many features are trickier to get working with stereo, low latency and all the magic that VR HMDs require, so this definitely isn’t a complaint topic. I’m curious if anyone involved with this part of engine development could give us an idea of when we can expect to see it, and just out of interest, why it couldn’t be released with 4.12.

For anyone not familiar with planar reflections, they can create really stunning, perfectly accurate mirror surfaces, which are free of the artifacts caused by SSR and the inaccuracies caused by box and sphere capture reflections.

There’s also been a couple of Answerhub posts where people report the incompatibility as a bug, since it isn’t stated anywhere in release notes or the documentation that the incompatibility is known and intentional - 445422 & 431888 - so it would also be nice if, for features that aren’t VR compatible, it’s mentioned rather than brushing that limitation under the rug, considering the number of developers that use UE4 exclusively to develop VR content is increasing, and Epic is actively encouraging that increase with awesome stuff like the VR editor and VR templates.

Edit: posted this in the wrong forum, but it’s semi-relevant here, too. Cross posting to VR Development, sorry mods :rolleyes: