Planar reflections and Post Process Materials

Hello, i’m having a problem with planar reflections and post process materials in 4.25.3 and i’m not sure where is exactly the issue. Hope you guys can help me with this.

The left side is a Planar reflection, as you can see i’m using post process to render an outline around the object using custom depth, but it isn’t being rendered in the reflection. I know why this happens, this is because by default capture source for planar reflections are in SceneColor(HDR), setting it to Final Color (LDR) in RGB should solve this.


However it doesn’t seem like its doing anything, nothing changes, the other sources like Normal in RGB are not working either. Is this how planar reflections are supposed to work?, or am i doing something wrong? i ran out of ideas. If i try an Scene Capture 2D it works fine, as you can see here.


If anyone knows what’s going on please help. Thank you.

Its same situations like:
You take some pictures where person standing in front of mirror and reflecting on it, you draw in a photoshop a outline around those person and ask yourself - why outline only appear around person but not reflections in the mirror?
100% same situations here.

Reflection capture doesnt have any idea what happened in you PP material and doesnt take any information from PP material.
So its just how its works by default.

I guess SceneCapture just able to capture scene after all, including PP materials.

Yeah, i guess it’s just the SceneCapture settings are bugged in the planar reflections. Oh well.

Wondering if anyone made any further progress with this issue, or gained more understanding about it? Dealing with this issue also, and am very curious for a solution.

I got a mail today, it was added as a confirmed Bug here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-99613), so hopefully it will be fixed.

I see that the bug says it was resolved, but I still can’t get this to work. Anyone else having any luck?

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im also still experiencing this issue on 4.26.2

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ive actually also run in to this problem a lot- i thought it was a rendering limitation of Post-Process effects and planar reflections?
but if its listed as a confirmed bug, i can confirm its not fixed :stuck_out_tongue: