Planar Reflection won't react to any setting

I am trying to improve a mirror reflection for an architectural visualization with a Planar Reflection, but once placed it in the scene, it won’t react to any setting change in Detail panel.
I can see that the reflection is sharp for about 10 cm from the plane and then gets blurry, no way to change the behavior of it. Anti-Aliasing and Temporal AA are enabled from the Detail panel and of course Planar Reflection is checked in the
Project Settings.
The only way to make it work is to switch to Forward Shading from Project Settings, but then it will screw up many other things in my scene, so not an option in this case.
Any idea guys???

thank you :slight_smile:

I’m using 4.22.1 and having the same issue.
It sounds like your getting screen space reflections, which can interfere with planar reflections apparently, so I’d make sure that was off - (in the details on your postprocess volume settings and also on your planar reflection actor). It seems without a PP volume screen space reflections are on automatically and I can’t find where to turn them off.
I’ve tried using the ray tracing option in the PP settings but also no effect.
If anyone has any advice about this I’m all ears…

Using 4.22.1 Not sure if you’ve tried this but I ended up simply rotating it by 180 degrees and it worked!