Planar Reflection - use and settings

Ok so admit after watching a few tutorials and reading the online documentation I have more questions than before.…ons/index.html

  1. So if you’ve already created a perfectly shiny material (100# Metallic, 0 Roughness) what additionally does using a Planar reflection object add if you are trying to recreate a mirror?

  2. In the Details there is both Planar Reflection Component and Scene Component categories. Didn’t seem to see this in the documentation nor was it mentioned in any tutorial I watched. Can someone explain?

  3. I’m simply trying to create a side view mirror(see attached). I’ve added a Planar Reflection component as a child to the mirrored material object but cannot see any difference (in the mirrored material) if I enable or disable. Is this the correct approach?

Thanks for any feedback!


Did you try reflecting dynamic (moving) objects? I think this is the case planar reflections handle that the default renderer doesn’t (I might be wrong)

Yes. Dynamic objects are visible in the reflection material alone. I’m also noticing a lot of noise in my Planar Reflection that I can’t determine the source of.

I think it’s already working. The left image simply shows the “preview” plane. Te right one shows the reflection calculations added to the mirror material. If you delete the planar reflection component, you should cleraly notice the difference.

About blurry: that’s due to the screen percentage of the reflection. You can increse it to 100%, but it would double the cost of rendering! As you would be rendering the sacene, from “two” different cameras, twice.