Planar Reflection Request (think really important) FAR CLIP PLANE

Hi, i think we end it up lots of times with the same issue.

VR and helmets doesnt work properly with SSR, but with planar reflection. For archviz we can handle reflections on lots of surfaces just with sphere reflection captures, but floors usually have reflections, and here sphere reflection captures doesnt work so well, when we try to achieve photorealism.

So we try to handle it with planar reflection, which cause a really high FPS drop down. So, like lots of times in real time, we try to fake or settle it up in a certain way to minimize this drop down.

In my case, when i work with multi heigh archviz levels, i use just a planar reflection via bluesprint, and move it with my player so i get reflection on every single floor, without having to render my scene 6 times or even more, cause of having more than one reflection plane on my scene.

Working so in Unreal 18.3 we get some isues. First, in my bluesprint i cant set an array of render actors, or an array of not render actors. Even out of the bluesprint, in version 18.3 is impossible to set an array of not render actors, which would be essential, cause on large scenes is better to set the actors you dont want to render, instead of setting up the actors you want to render. But this is another bug or issue.

My request, as i did in the past with olders real time render engines like quest 3d,… is to set a Far Clip plane just for the camera that renders the planar reflection. After that distance, we got frustum culling. We know planar reflection doesnt handle oclusion culling,this is the reason why a far clip plane would be just GREAT!!!

In my actual project i got more than 200 props and the whole scenario of a big archviz project. With native occlusion culling of Unreal engine, which is superb, i got 100 FPS on a HUGE SCENE!!! Just amazing. But if i settle up just a single reflection plane via bluesprint, it drops to 5 FPS, cause the camera of the reflection plane doesnt handle occlusion culling, and it renders all what you can see in the frustum view. And the point is that cause it doesnt handle also clip planes it renders all the props, also the ones that are REALLY FAR of the camera.

In VR right now, and cause of the helmet resolutions, we care more about the really close up, than things that are far away, cause they usually appear blurry. So if we would have a far clip plane where the camera of the reflection plane did stop to render, we would get a really important speed up in our FPS!!! And the great news are that is something not so difficult and hard to programm (im also a programmer) and the speed up would be amazing!!!

Thank you in advance!!!