Planar Reflection from 2 cameras

I have a map that uses planar reflections on the floor. I also have a “spectator camera” (a scene capture 2d).

When looking through the scene capture the reflections look really strange because they are from the perspective of the player, not it’s own perspective. Is there a way to make it render it’s own reflections? Or better yet, turn it off for the player and just have it on the scene capture?

Did you ever solve this? I’m having this issue with Scene Capture 2D as well (and I have more than one of them).

Just move the player camera for the spectator cam, likely. Why waste framerate on it?

Unfortunately, not all situations can be solved by using the player camera - which is why we’re looking for a workaround / fix :slight_smile:

Personally i just possess another blueprint that is just a camera and nothing else, with some code to un-possess the blueprint then re-possess the player whenever needed. And again, using a render target looks like total poo due to not supporting most rendering features, and it runs terribly. Just move the camera or possess another blueprint, using a fixed res render target is a really bad idea.

Yea we have 8 or more scene capture components which each move independently and need to capture data for serialization / streaming to external programs, so doing it that way would be a huge performance hit (and would also prevent us from controlling the main actor, whose camera we need to reliably control the system). Unfortunately I don’t really see a way around keeping the Scene Capture Components separate (esp. since they have individual post-processing stacks) :confused:

Oh, shoulda said that originally, thought you were talking about a game, in that case, im still not sure but there’s likely some way.