Planar reflection does not reflect DBuffer Decals ?

Hello guys,
Im having an issue, for which i did not found any kind of info so decided to post a new topic. Im creating sci-fi game , and im using mostly dbuffer decals for my finer details . You know bolts,text,signs and stuff , in one particular room i have huge mirror. So i used planar reflections for the mirror, to have correct reflections, however i see that it don't reflects all of my decals on the opposite wall at all. Everything else is reflecting fine , but not the decals. I tried with Spherical reflection capture to see if it would work with that , and apparently it reflects just fine all of my decals with Spherical Reflection capture. So is this some kind of restriction of Planar Reflection, or im missing some settings somewhere to make them reflect ?

Cheers guys

@Geexile Hello, i am facing same issue with ray traced scene, no reflection of the decals on the surfaces, did you find a solution ?

@Geexile Did you find a solution? I have the same issue but with Raytracing reflections. No decals are getting reflected.

No i did not found a way around it . I guess its a restriction, for the time-being i don`t use RT for that purpose . Will wait to see if it will get fixed in next versions.

Decals and planar reflections seems to be problematic right now… Did you find a way to make decals reflect planar reflections (not been reflected!) ? I’m struggling with it, and my visuals are hardly relying on decals.
BTW I’m working on forward shading