Planar reflection actor with VXGI/dynamic lighting?

I am using NVidia’s VXGI branch of UE4 for arch-viz, and I am trying to use the Planar reflection actor for a mirror, but it seems that the lighting in my reflections does not match the lighting in the level. All of my lights are dynamic. Is there any way to make this work?

Here are the Planar reflection settings:

Also, I just tried my Vive headset in this level via the VR Editor, and the left eye has a normal view, while the right eye looks exactly like that mirror does in the screenshot I posted.

EDIT: I just noticed that the documentation itself says dynamic lights are not supported Planar Reflections | Unreal Engine Documentation

Planar Reflection Limitations: Dynamic shadowing is incorrect in the reflection pass.

Oh well :frowning: I will leave this post up anyways if anyone has any suggestions lol.

also Planar reflection does not support dynamic light shadows

in new vxgi 4.16 there is option to turn on vxgi in reflection plane

as for lights set them to stationary and turn off preview shadows indicator