Placing virtual models in specific real world locations

Hi - I’m hoping to build an augmented reality game which will be played wearing a headset.
The idea would be that the player would need to collect virtual objects composited or layered over the real world. (A simple game such as pacman).
I would also hope to tie in external data (perhaps heart rate info from a fitbit or wearable watch).

I’ve used udk before but I’ve never used UE4…I was wondering if anyone has done the following:

  1. Has UE4 the functionality to import external data in realtime so that they can be used as variables within the game (ie heartrate from a fitbit ?)

  2. Has UE4 been used with any realtime camera tracking application so that virtual objects can be placed in specific real world locations without the objects looking like they are ‘floating’? (I know that UDK was used for creating some of the virtual sets in the kids show ‘Lazy Town’ but were the actors compositied into these scenes in ‘post’ or was it all shot in real time with tracked cameras ?). If anyone has done something like this can you let me know the name of any 3rd party software that you used ?


None of those systems are currently in UE4–you would have to code that yourself, which is certainly possible, the full source of the engine is available so you can integrate whatever hardware you need to get it to work. For instance, currently there’s a Kinect plugin for UE4.

Use the JSON/REST plugin for that - should be pretty easy to make something to consume and get whatever data you want from outside the game. If you need it to be local you can probably even just point it to the disk, so that it doesn’t need to be online to function (for your own custom thing, not fitbit).

You could use this to get data from opentrack or the like without having to actually integrate it.

Thanks for the feedback

If I understand correctly, you want to see the real world, but with virtual objects in them?
That’s what I want to accomplish as well.
Can you keep me updated with your status regarding this process?