Placing texture/material over object without scaling

Hi there, I’ve been starting to work with textures and materials and would like to know if it is possible to set the initial texture/material to the 1,1,1 scale of a cube/plane object.

This is the texture that I am using temporarily for testing, a square image of 1024x1024. I basically want this specific image to be placed on a cube object where the object/mesh scale of 1,1,1 would place this texture perfectly across it once on each face.

This is what I am using to create the material (Many tutorials I had seen had suggest Texturecoord to make a tiling texture but using worldalignedtexture works perfectly for me as I am using this texture for floors/walls of currently unknown size so the continual tiling without stretching is perfect for me).

The resultant material when applied to a cube mesh works perfectly for a floor size larger than 1,1,1 as it tiles as I want it to, but I would prefer if the initial texture pasted perfectly across the 1,1,1 (1,1,0.1 in this specific case) so when I scale the floor object later when building levels, there are no edges with a small part of texture being cut off/placed. I will only be working with integer scale numbers for the floor object size.

This final image is just to show a larger scaled version of the floor object where you can see that a small part of the square texture cuts off at the edge following how the material places on the initial floor object of scale 1,1,1.

I generally have quite a few issues working with UE4 materials so I was wondering if anyone knew any good tutorials excluding the official EpicGames ones perhaps going more in depth.