Placing image on static mesh of player character


I’m completely new to Unreal and VR programming, and do now have a running project in university where I need to work on some form of application. I’ve tried getting a grasp of this problem on my own, but feel like I’m just drowning in information that I can’t seem to getting anything useful out of. As this is also a smaller project, 8-10 hours a week where everything is done in one day, it’s also hard to get some kind of continuity going so I try my luck and ask here.

It does seem like a rather trivial task. I work in an existing multiplayer VR-room where each player is modelled as a head with a connected torso (both are statically meshes), which then again is connected to the headset through a ReplicatedVRCamera (part of the VRExpansionLibrary). My task is to find a way to project an image on the head so that the users can make it easier to identify each others (right now you just have the user name). I decided to change the head to a box since it seemed to make it easier to place an image on a smooth surface.

I started looking at decals and this post: How can i put an Image on a Wall - UE4 AnswerHub I manage to place an image on a flat surface as a material (obviously), but when I try to do it on a box (which the head is) I get the problem of the material wrapping itself around the whole cube and creating a distorted image (if the image is of a lower quality, it just uses some of the colors it seems). And since the whole idea is that the users should be able to use their own images it seemed like a bad idea having them to upload high-quality images, and I’m not even sure if it’s possible to do this with materials?

I’m not asking for a solution, but I would be grateful if someone could try and point a noob in the right direction.

And sorry any spelling errors or strange wordings, I didn’t have much time to write this.