Placing foliage in large brush size LAGS like CRAZY

when ever i try to place a large amount of foliage with a large brush size and i mean a huge amount of foliage it lags like crazy the engine stops for like 15 seconds on average then resumes when i place foliage down its not a performance problem just when i place foliage the engine stops for a quite long amount of time

Hi Connor,

This is expected. I know it may seem like an issue, but the reason it “lags like crazy” is because you have increased the brush to cover a significantly larger area and depending on the number of instances that are being placed within that brush size the editor has to generate that many meshes all at once. Even on my system here at Epic with GTX-770 and 32gb of ram will pause for a few moments while it places the objects.

The best practice is to adjust the brush size to not be so large and to lower the density for all the meshes being placed.

Thank you!


alright then i just hope there will be some optomizations for this in the future. thankyou