Place volumes in editor to kill particles or a way to visualize forces?

Hello! Pretty new to Niagara.
Created a large scale, shower of particles in a cone shape, the camera and the character are right in the middle of the cone as the particles come at them. Right now there are particles going through the character, I want to make a cube or sphere volume much large than the character that kills particles as they enter it.
I know a module like that exists in Particle Update called Kill particles in volume. That is great but there is no way to visualize the size or position of this volume, its just numbers for position and size.
Same applies for forces like wind, vortex and many more that are just numerical sliders rather than a gizmo icon that can be viewed and placed in editor to see direction of the force.

I say this because I come from a 3D application like Maya where you can manually place gizmos/icons of forces in the scene and rotate them to the direction you want them to be in. Same thing with kill boxes which can be manually placed and lined up. A lot more 3D applications do that. I am hoping UE has a way of doing this in the editor as well.
Attaching image to showcase the idea.

anyone can help or guide in the right direction?

One way of accomplishing this is to have a parameter for “center and radius” of a killing sphere.
Update that to where the camera is each frame.
In the particle system, multiply the particle color/opacity with 0 when it’s inside this sphere.
Something like: “distance = length(particlepos - camerapos); mulfactor = saturate((distance - killdistance) / faderange)”
“faderange” is over what range the particles fade out, to avoid an abrupt snap.