Pizza Hut or Dominoes?

Just a random subject I wanted to post. Haha. Which one is better? Pizza Hut or Dominoes?

Dominoes–Pizza Hut is salty, though I hate how Dominoes cuts their pizza. They cut the thin crust in squares for some reason

I’m not a big fan of either.

Locally we have Pedros. Pedros is awesome.

This question reminds me of having to stay behind and work late, so I’d have to say they’re both brutal!

Neither. You see, up here in Canada, we have a chain known as Pizza Nova, and we of course also have Domino’s and Pizza Hut. PN is more expensive but it’s way, way better quality pizza imo.

I don’t like either, I’m more of a papa johns guy. Their greek and tuscan six cheese pizzas are delicious, and the garlic sauce is mmmmmm. =P

Both are rancid!! One time Pizza Hut took two hours to deliver my Pizza (I live 10 minutes away), when they finally arrived they gave me a stack of pizza boxes, seriously about 10 pizzas, all of which were cold, none of which were the pizza I had ordered. It’s like they gave me their trash!!

I now only order pizzas from a local place called cherry box pizza, their food is amazing!! However, they too took two hours once, but instead of giving me cold pizza they gave me exactly what I had ordered free of charge with a bonus tub of Häagen-Dazs thrown in as a gesture of good will.

Forget the chains, their food is junk. Support your local traders!

Ugh, now I’m hungry…


Nice answers. Some of those places I never heard up besides papa John’s. Haha. But true local business know what the area likes best. And I like pizza hut but get tired of it because I work there. Haha. But I like Peter Piper Pizza from Texas. I’d eat there over pizza hut.

I really never go to those places…
But I would go for Pizza hut.

Quite right sir! Support your local traders!
But also, that doesn’t mean all of the places are bad. (Sorry you have a cruddy branch near you. Not all of them are bad.)

If I have to choose between the two I’d go dominoes every time. I worked for Pizza Hut while I was in college and I know how much oil goes into making one of their pan pizzas (~2 cups or so if you were interested) so I just can’t really eat there anymore. I’d prefer Mellow Mushroom or a local pizza chain, though. If there was a Chanello’s near my house I’d be set!

The Crazy Pedros Logo Is Awesome

I like both of them, but I mainly eat my pizza at a local restaurant (originally made by an italian guy :D)

If you guys are ever in Southern california… Try What-a-lotta pizza! They have the best sauce!

+1 I’m half tempted to travel the 180 odd miles for a Crazy Pedro’s pizza and a bottle of Mezcal

I’d definitely play a Crazy Pedro game too…

Yeah, I choose Dominoes rather than Pizza Hut. But normally I prefer none. Small boutique pizza makers are making great Italian pizza and far better than franchises I think. In Turkey it is anyway.

Not every day, but I usually eat a whole one by myself. It’s also a huge benefit that I have a pretty fast metabolism. =P

I previously professed my love for papa johns, but I think I’ll take that back. The new delivery guy for our area has creeped me out the last two times I ordered, don’t think I’ll be buying from there anymore.

Pizza Hut!