Pizza Hut or Dominoes?

Lol… Sounds like a bad branch :expressionless:

Prefer to make pizza at home by myself :o

Don’t eat pizza regulary and make sure to do exercises to burn that fat calories :slight_smile:

Round Table and Papa Murphy over both. Of the two, Pizza Hut.

You know both of these websites are complete garbage based on pseudoscience (especially Food Babe), right?

Why not California Pizza Kitchen ?

Ugh, now I’m hungry…

To expensive.

For sure no deep dish pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

I choose Pizza Hut because I just like the taste of their pizza dough and the crust better than Domino’s. Domino’s pizza, for me, does not make a quality dough or a great sauce, and their ingredients on their pizzas aren’t great either. Domino’s is very close to my house (I mean, if I had a bit of energy I could easily walk there) so it is very convenient. In spite of the convenience, I will never get pizza there and prefer to drive to Pizza Hut. I usually stick with Pizza Hut’s pan Supreme pizza. I like their bread sticks and cheesy bread also (or whatever it is called). I have ordered Buffalo wings from Domino’s and their bread sticks and that’s okay. I once ordered BBQ wings from them but they were too runny. The trouble with just getting wings is there are hardly any “deals.” But for me, Pizza Hut rules when you want a pizza, and they are consistent.

Jimmy Johns! … wait… no… still my choice. Best subs ever, Pizza is dead to me.

One thing I’m happy pizza hut did from when I started this thread… We now sell chocolate chip cookies and triple chocolate brownies. Almost had a sugar coma. Haha

Dominoes in Ireland was my goto. Now that i’m living in America it just tastes like someone dumped a cup of sugar on it.

I like dominoes…:stuck_out_tongue:

Dominoes. Also, try BBQ-Chicken. Kicks butts.

This thread is insulting. You insult Dominoes by saying the name Pizza Hut.

Also, them bread bowls.

Pizza Hut… Easy!

Who’s up for a Pizza party?