PixelDepth material node returns 0 on Android

The PixelDepth material node always returns 0 on Android when running from the phone. Running in editor is fine, including mobile preview. This a VFX blocker for me.


Hi TommyBear-

Can you let me know how you are using the Pixel Depth in your Material and what Android Device you are using / testing on ?

Yeah no problem Eric! It is:

Device: Galaxy S4

Model: GT-19505

Android Version: 4.4.2

I am using the pixel depth to implement fast and simple shadow mapping for a small scene, where the full blown lighting from UE4 is way too slow. Works fine in editor obviously, does not work on device.


Hi Tommy -

Thank you for the information, I tested a simplier usage of Pixel Depth just to see if I could get it to register on the S4. I was successful and it worked as expected. I have attached this project below, if you would not mind launch this to your device and testing to see if you are getting the expected results. If you are, I may need to see the actual material (screenshot) or if it does not let me know as well.

Thank you again -

Eric Ketchum

Test Project

Thanks Eric! I can’t open the zip file though :frowning: I get this:


Sorry about that I don’t know what happened, try this zip file.

Zip File

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Confirmed this is working. I will use this as my basis for testing in future. Thank you very much Eric!!!