"Pixelated" Normal map

Hi, Im having a problem, my normal map looks pixelated in UE4. Im using Substance Painter to bake (DirectX and Compute tangent space per fragment is checked), and the smoothing groups from UV shells.
Normal map file is a PNG 16bits.
Is a very simple object , the top surface is flat.

Is this a real problem? Maybe a dxt5 compression? Anyone can help me to solve this?

This might be the issue pertaining to CSMs and shadow biasing.

Thanks for response but, I think this is not the problem, because when I paint the normal map using the color 128x128x255 the “problem” disappear.

Try setting these values in the project and mesh build settings.

Those are compression artifacts. You can avoid them by trying to control the smoothing and shading so there aren’t gradients over large flat areas in your normal map.

Try to enable “Use High precision tangent space” from static mesh editor.

This way didnt work, I did not notice any difference.

I’m still leaning toward this being an issue with the lighting/shadowing. That faceted look definitely looks like what I was talking about. Set all lights to static, set the model to static and bake the lighting. See if it still gives you the same problem.

Definitely not shadow faceting, those occur along geometry and not on flat surfaces.

It might not be, but it takes 15 seconds to rule out… I’ve seen similar things happen on flat surfaces, but it depends on how subdivided the mesh is and how the vertex normals are on it (smoothing groups and such).

It’s hard to tell with the single picture though. It could be a compression issue, but that would be some pretty extreme compression. DXT uses what, 4x4 blocks for compression? That would mean the lid has a really tiny resolution, but that can’t really be the case because if you look at the trim and text resolution, there is plenty of detail to them. Unless the normal map is at a much smaller resolution than the texture map.

Can you post your UVs of it? One of the islands might be too small or something. EDIT: Oh and one more thing, where did the texture come from? Was it originally a jpg or something? The only way I could see blocking like that happening would be if it came from a jpg because they use much larger chunks(8x8 or 16x16, don’t remember off the top of my head).