Pixelated landscape blending issue

Hey all, I have a bit of a problem with my landscape material. I have everything set up using the landscape layer blend node. However, my layers look very pixelated when the landscape layer coordinates are set below 10 or so. I can increase the value to around 15, but then my textures are way too blurry up close. Am I doomed to choose between pixelated blending and blurry textures? I would really appreciate a simple solution to this.

Thanks in advance. Comparison pics and my material setup linked below.

The way to achieve unpixelated results is to use combination of two or more textures. Imagine a big texture with tilling of 7, and then multiply/add it with a seamless tiling texture with tiling, lets say 19. The second texture is called detail texture. If it still doesn’t look good, add additional detail textures at higher tiling rates. Be sure to use the same tiling for base color, roughness and normal map if you have all channels. Normal maps should be merged using BlendAngleCorrectedNormals material node.

Doubling tiling rate would need double the texture size for same details.