Pixel Streaming VR Expereince

Has anyone generated a demo of streaming a VR game with Pixel Streaming?

Hello! I tried to use VR template with PixelStreaming but it streams HMD’s image instead of VR spectator screen. Fix and workarounds described here

  • I solved it. Thank you very much!

Page not found

You need to link your Epic and Github accounts first…

I have the same problem. Page not found with my accounts linked. Is there someone with the solution?

EDIT: I can see it now


Free server open for anyone like to connet and show your UE4 project., easily just setup Parameters from

Unreal Editor, Under the Level Editor > Play category, find the Additional Launch Parameters setting, and set its value to -AudioMixer -PixelStreamingIP= -PixelStreamingPort=8889.

More detail please check step how to connect free server

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I am curious if pixel streaming is a workable solution for cloud base AR/VR, anyone got it working to any deployable state for using with either standalone VR headset like quest/quest2 or mobile AR devices.

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The same question

does this mean that you packaged the game on your vr glasses?