Pixel Streaming Plugin - How to send a data from web to build (Streamer) and access it in BP ?


I’m investigating the built-in Pixel Streaming plugin infrastructure and was wondering if there was any was to send a Json string (containing specific info) from the Signalling Web Server (cirrus.js/app.js) to the build (Streamer) and recover that Json from a Blueprint through dedicated nodes ?

emitCommand({ "Stat.FPS": '' }) is used in app.js to trigger the stat.fps cmd that show the fps on the build side (streamer). I thought about trying to access what’s executed on cmd from a BP but I realized emitCommand recognizes specific commands that aren’t necessarly the same on UE. I tried emitCommand({ "ShowFlag.Splines": '' }); but it didn’t get executed on UE side as there was no output on the cmd contrary to emitCommand({ "Stat.FPS": '' }); (I use the built-in editor Pixel Streaming feature which allows me to see the output on cmd)

Also, I find it overkill to write a whole new Pixel Streaming delegate in the C++ source files of the plugin to pass custom data to BPs the same way OnStatChanged event node (Pixel Streaming Input component) does. Even with that, how to trigger that custom event on the web side ?

I thought about rewriting OnNewConnection to add a string to it but I was wondering which adjustements I will have to make on the frontend/server to be able to achieve that ?

Finally, could this be the answer :


Thank you.

HI, I would like you to review this Tech Doc about Pixelstreaming with Arcware CloudRT.
Read the doc OR open their free Unreal Engine Pixelstreaming Template Project. You will have all the settings in the character controller.

Technical Doc: https://docs.arcware.cloud
Website: Arcware Cloud RT
Download UE project: Dropbox - Templates - Simplify your life