Pixel Streaming not sending render address to client

All of the sudden pixel streaming has stopped working for me. Older packaged builds that I have still work perfect, but my newer builds and also a clean default project will no longer work, I keep getting the stuck at “waiting for connection” on the webpage.

The biggest clue I have so far is that the streamer is not sending over the render address, I can confirm this from the log on the cirrus server…

This is the line of code that is on the working projects that is completely missing from the ones that don’t work

13:19:11.365 ← Streamer: {“type”:“iceCandidate”,“playerId”:“104”,“candidate”:{“sdpMid”:“0”,“sdpMLineIndex”:0,“candidate”:“candidate:XXX 1 udp XXX (Public IP) (PORT) typ srflx raddr (Local IP for Machine with streamer) rport (PORT) generation 0 ufrag YnWQ network-id 1”}}

I’m assuming this tells the client where to look for the renderer, and it’s also what hangs the connection if this doesn’t get sent. And since the message should be coming from the streamer I’m assuming what I’m looking for is on the engine side and not on the separate(ish) pixel streaming side.

Things I’ve tried that didn’t change anything -

  • verifying engine
  • making sure all info is identical between old and new projects
  • starting on completely new project

To clarify again - The same project, with an older build works. Newer builds do not work on that same project, and brand new project with default builds also do not work.

It’s really hard to debug this, any suggestions welcome. If I find a solution I will post here.