Pixel streaming a project using an external server (not local)

Not sure if the terminology is all that correct so apologies if its all wrong!
The problem I have is we are looking at a business solution to be able to host some large architectural projects that we would like to use pixel streaming in. At present we have this working with a server set up to a local machine inside of the office. This works reasonably well as a solution for in house collaboration. But when we need to allow access to clients this becomes an issue due to IP addresses/ports being blocked to stop external access to the work servers.
So my question is, what is the solution to this? Could we set it up to use an AWS service? Or Azure? We are currently looking at testing “Paperspace” as a quick and dirty solution, but would not want to use this long term.
Would be good to get any info from you networking experts out there so that i can take it back to my IT guys to pursue a solution… Any help/docs that anyone can point me to would be greatly appreciated

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DID you have any luck with Paperspace. I was just about to try spin up a Windows server for testing but saw others were having problems. Cheers

I just did a Pixel Streaming analysis for my current job and the best option was Microsoft Azure servers. Epic have worked with MS in this area and created an Azure Marketplace applet that handles the setup and extensibility options in case you need to spin up/down more servers. You simply setup your Pixel Streaming app, the Signalling server and possibly your STUN/TURN application (to handle some of the mobile phone network providers who require it) and upload them via the marketplace app which will setup your server specs and options. If you need multi-user then you will also setup a matchmaking server. But the majority of this is simple and automated with Azure.

I’m trying to make it work with UE5 without success, any idea if it actually works with the UE5 version?
It does work with 4.27

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Have you tried ARCWARE?
Its the best solution out there and easy going.
Go with the trial Plan and test any of your UE apps + check the docs.