Pixel Depth Offset not working on multiple meshes using the same PDO material

Hey, I’m hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction for figuring out how to get my rock mesh kit to seamlessly blend each mesh into the next. I’ve experimented with Distance Fields and Realtime Virtual Texturing but neither seems to do what I want, based on my experiments. It seems that each was made to function between a landscape and various objects intersecting with it, rather than several objects intersecting with each other.

PDO seems to be a good option, however it doesn’t look like I can have all my meshes use the same material and have PDO function at the same time. Is there a work-around for this? In order to get the results I wanted below, I had to assign a duplicate of my material to the second mesh… but this isn’t exactly feasible when you start adding more and more rock meshes.


Bumping this hoping for a dev response