PIX for Windows


I’m brand new to Unreal and I’m trying to get a basic project to work with PIX for Windows so I can do CPU and GPU profiling and debugging. I can get my game to run in dx12, and I can get PIX to attach to the running process, but I can’t take GPU captures (it says “Target process was not launched for GPU Capture”). Also the Timing Capture only shows GPU pass times, no CPU pass times. When I try to launch the executable directly from PIX with arguments -d3d12 and -game, the Unreal loading dialog pops up but quickly disappears and the game never loads.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

1 year later I found myself wanting to try again, and it worked! I’m not sure if I did this a year ago, but this time I baked out data on the game and then ran the NoEditor version of the game from PIX. Still trying to sort out CPU captures

From UE5 Release notes:
Added support for attaching to PIX on startup. You can either pass “-attachPIX” on the command line or set r.D3D12.AutoAttachPIX=1 in ConsoleVariables.ini. You will still need to manually hit “attach” inside PIX.