Pivots and grouping of geometry in Blueprints

Basic function when using Maya and probably every other 3D app, but seems an utter pain in the ■■■ in Unreal.
I created a BluePrint to which I imported wheels from Maya, but on import Unreal breaks apart the structure so I have to rebuild it and adjust pivot locations so that I can correctly rotate the wheels.
My question is how in the world can I recreate the group inside the BluePrint and set the pivot point as it exists in my original Maya file? In Maya it’s a simple step. I group parts, center pivot and adjust the pivot to a final desired location. Any tips on doing the same in UE 5?

Maybe this can help?

I know of these options, however these don’t help much when you are creating Blueprints using an FBX file. You import FBX file directly into the Blueprint with practically no settings at all. Grouping in Blueprints is virtually nonexistent, with very few options. Adjusting pivots in Blueprints…well there is none. It’s a really bad workflow.

Here is an example of my frustration. Pivot location in Maya and in UE5 after importing into the Blueprint. No good way of adjusting the pivot inside the working Blueprint. This should be a breeze to fix. C’mon Epic!

I think the best would be to use a skeletal mesh, at least I use blender and the same problem occurs using only static mesh, the pivot is always 0,0,0; let’s see if anyone else knows

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Try using Datasmith for asset importation.