Pivot Tool - A Pivot Editor

It’s live now on >> Marketplace](

Bought it immediately. Thank you and congratulations on the release!

Thanks @Sitrec!

Pivot Tool 1.0.3 update is live now on marketplace.

1.0.3 Change Log:

Just submitted 1.0.5 update to marketplace.

1.0.4 and 1.0.5 Change Log:

Children mode:

Baking pivot of multiple static meshes:

[Update] 1.0.5 update with 4.16 support is now live on marketplace.

1.0.6 feature preview: Preview Pivot Preset

In 1.0.6, mouse over each pivot preset will display preview sphere in level editor viewport, no more guessing game.


Hey @Nate -

Got a bit of a request here.

Would it be possible to make is so that we can add our own user defined pivots to our meshes in this tool?

@HeadClot, you can use “Alt + Middle mouse drag” to move pivot then press “Set” key to save the temporary pivot.

Or do you mean a way to input pivot offset (x, y, z) base on existing pivot preset? e.g. you can input (0, 0, 0.5), then press “Center” pivot preset, will set pivot to -0.5 z unit down from mesh center.

Pivot Tool 1.0.7 update is now live on Marketplace update submitted.


1.0.7 Change Log:

- Add Offset to apply offset to current selected actors' pivot
- Add Snap to Vertex to snap current selected actors' pivot to closest vertex position
- Support non-unity build;
- Drop 4.14 support

Pivot Tool 1.0.7 update for 4.18 is now live on Marketplace version submitted.

There appears to be problem with downloading 4.18 from marketplace.

Yes, I’ve the same problem!
Obviously there is a problem into Epic side…

@Nate same launcher problem as Instance Tool - launcher shows it for 4.18 but wont install…

btw - Instance Tool installs to 4.18 from launcher now

@UE567 @Thunderstruck @OptimisticMonkey Pivot Tool 4.18 update can be downloaded from launcher now. ( If you still have issue downloading, try update the launcher to latest 6.7.1 version released on 10/30)

Hi, I’m setting up discord server for all my tools:

Please feel free to post discussion / feature request / bug report in either place.

( I’m travelling from 14.Nov 2017 to 1 Dec.2017, and will be more active on discord when I’m back.)

Pivot Tool 1.0.8 update with 4.19 support is now live on both and Unreal Marketplace.

I need to set pivot over 16k actors. While when I select all the actors in the level editor and set the pivot to the center, i found all the actors’ center are set to the same location, Could you provide instructions on how to batch set the actors’ pivots with this tool. Thanks.

Pivot Tool 1.0.9 update with 4.20 support is now live on both and Unreal Marketplace.

Change Log

I posted the reply on As it might also helps anyone has same question, I quote the answer below:

When “Group Mode” is off, all actors’ pivot will be set individually.

When “Group Mode” is on, then all actors’ pivot will be set as a whole group.

Here’s a short video to showcase the differences.

Pivot Tool 1.1.0 update is now live on both and unreal marketplace.

Change Log:

Add Text UI for those who need more screen space

Use Alt + M to move transform widget near vertex which you want to set as pivot, then click "Snap to Vert’