Pivot Painter - tutorials please

Is is possible to get a proper step by step tutorial into how to use this properly? The videos on the documentation page are UE3 era i believe and dont really show the workflow of how to get the model into engine. I’ve tried exporting meshes from the content examples and importing into my project and Unreal seems to lose some of the required UV channel data…
Also there’s PivotPainter_HeirarchyData and PivotPainter_TreeData without any real documentation as how these are different or how to use the script to generate the data.

This feature seems like a really powerful one so please support it some more!


Bumped, pivot painter is like lord voldemort dude super powerful and no one wants to talk about it. Bill Kladis I need you to make a video for this tool please!!!

You can find relevant pivot painted documentation together with video tutorials here