Pivot paint: Can you access object orientation for instances?

How would i use pivotPaint to calculate per object rotation/orientation in instances?
Edit: I am now almost certain this is impossible, but decided to ask just incase. The main problem is you cant identify groups of faces or instanced objects (instanced objects), Im sure this data is stored somewhere (distance culling needs it), but not for use in materials.

You can, but only for vertex shader. (World position offset/Custom UV inputs). If you want to use instances orientation in pixel shader, use Custom UV.

Thanks EssEnsE, thats quite handy.

Is it possible to use this with world-position offset? WPO breaks when i try the usual methods, while using your setup as a multiplier for WPO.

WPO should work as usual, without any tricks…

This is what im getting

Bumping this.

If i set up the material like this:
WPO will work okay, BUT this does not work on instances, only individual objects (which is useless, there are plenty of other methods to do this for individual objects).