Pipe Generation System

Hello everyone!

I made a system, that generates pipes using splines and construction script.

You can build it right inside viewport and do not have to open Blueprint and change anything. It also supports changing appearance of joints not sure about naming of this (base and bolts).

Here is the video demonstration:

Fastener: 444 polys.
Pipe: 540 polys
UE version - 4.9

**Download: **
v1.8 - MEGA
v1.0 - (UE4.6.1)

If someone want to donate a few $, send me a PM :3

Krasavchik! )))

Very cool tool AlFlakky!! A lot of users will get a lot of use out of this one.

Nice stuff AlFlakky! :slight_smile:

Joints :slight_smile: Finally, my years of hydraulic experience pays off!

This looks very cool, although if used off-grid I could see it creating some weird bendy pipes. Pipes are sold with fixed bends/lengths, and although there’s always some flex (in plastic, at least) it probably wouldn’t look natural.

Agree, but you can always spend a bit more time getting the look you want. I wanted to be quick as possible and record just the possibility of this system :slight_smile:

thx, good stuff

Thank you for this Alflakky, It is really cool and helpful.

Thanks for sharing! Really useful stuff!

I loved this tube would like to walk inside him:cool:, but does not have collision, like Spline Mesh Generator:confused:

Luny ;3

If I’m not mistaken, Spline Meshes do not support collision.

Hey AlFlakky

Collision added successfully. Created in Maya.

I can easily walk through the procedural tubes

  • luny

Emm… So, the collision is okay or not? :slight_smile:

Yes, I added collision. Now it is possible to walk into the pipe.


Hi AlFlakky

I sent a P.M for you, with your Pipe Generation System with activated collision inside and outside, been a while!

Did you received?

The problem is, I can not increase the tube’s thickness and size.
There is something wrong with the fasteners and spline’s control node when I use scale in the pipe.


Oops, sorry, looks like i missed that one.

I’ve just checked… I can increase/decrease thickness of the pipe. It works fine. Why can you increase it? It’s just doesn’t work? Can you provide a screenshot or smthing?

Hi AlFlakky

Thank you for this excellent spline pipe system, with PBR capability in the material configuration.

With respect to the problem:

You have attempted to increase the pipe size and thickness in the pipe that I PM to your message box? I just did not put here in the post, the link for download, since this is your project.

The left side is your system, the right side is another pipe system that I have changed, which I intend to use as a procedural cave system. As you can see the splines in your system are broken, they are straight, after collision activated and pipe size increased for the player’s height, to be able to walk inside


I realized that I can use the scale tool to reduce the control points for each pipe’s spline node. And this seems to have solved the problem, but the interpolation lines in between the nodes are straight, the same thing does not happen with other system and if I add a new node between two spline points (nodes), in between two pipe sections happens a terrible overlap. If this is not very clear, I can PM to you the modified pipe’s blueprint file again.

Hmm… I will check this in 4.9… There are new spline features… I will see what I can do there.

The pieces of the pipe are blinking in and out, especially when I look at it from far away. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi gavingt

I think this is an overlap, two meshs maybe, two tubes sections (spline nodes) occupying the same place.