Pinboard Material - World Aligned Textures Question

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a Pintable/Pinboard Motion Design and got stuck with the material.

For now I solved it in this way:

  1. Manually snapping all four vertices of each cubes UVs into the same spot to get the same value to align the cubes faces parallel to the XY-plane

  2. Use a greyscale image serving as a heightmap

  3. Deform in z- direction with World Position Offset

However I’d like to make use of World Aligned Textures and this is where I couldn’t come up with a solution to prevent the four vertices of getting individual height values.
The method above uses the UVs to make sure all four vertices of the cubes top plane move parallel to the XY plane.

Any advises or suggestions are highly appreciated!

Thank you!