Pillars flickering after level creation tutorial

After following this (https://www…com/watch?v=xxrydy8ZlV8) tutorial I noticed the black pillars in the picture were flickering. The other black pillars also starts flickering with certain camera angles.

What should I do to fix this?


Are you referring to the video itself or your project when you say you are seeing flickering? If it is in your project have you tried disabling the normal map on the material? If in the video can you point to a specific time when this flickering is very noticeable? Thank you!

Edit: Try going into the details pane and increasing the bounds scaling to 1.5. The issue seems to stem from the bounds being extremely specific to the mesh in question. However, this will potentially affect your lighting.


I cannot find the “Bounds” option in the details menu.

I appreciate the help.


You have to adjust Bounds Scaling for individual copies of the asset in the viewport. You can find the Bounds Scaling option in the Rendering section, as can be seen in the image below:

Very useful, thanks !

Quick question: is there a way to change the bound scales on the parent instead of the individual copies ?

Unfortunately Bounds Scale deals specifically with the world position offset and is effectively setting a custom bounds apart from the parent object. As such it can only be done in the editor viewport.

That would have been ideal but I understand the issue.
Thanks for the quick follow-up, I really appreciate.