PIE using wrong GameMode override when started from map other than default or startup map

Description of Issue:

Starting a PIE session with a level open in the editor other than the game default/startup map causes the GameMode override to be set to whatever the open map in the editor was at the time the PIE session was started.

Expected Behavior:

Expected behavior is that it should instead be using the GameMode override setting for the default/startup map being opened, or using the default GameMode setting at the least.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set both the Editor Startup Map and
    Game Default Map to the same map
    with the same GameMode override.
  2. Create another map and set a
    different GameMode override.
  3. Open the new map in the editor that
    is not the startup/default map.
  4. Begin a new PIE session.
  5. You should notice (in output log)
    that the GameMode for the PIE
    session will be set to whatever the
    override was in the map you started
    the PIE session from, and not the
    default GameMode for the project, or
    the GameMode override for the
    startup/default map that is being

For clarity, starting a PIE session from the startup map loads the correct GameMode override. It is only when a PIE session is started with a map open other than the default or startup map that the issue occurs. Can also navigate through the maps while playing the game without an issue.


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