PIE overlapping and wrong click detection

when i updated from 4.17 to 4.18 i have two big problems

  1. When i use dedicated server. PIE
    windows Overlaps.(picture related)
  2. Get Hit result under Finger gives a
    wrong location arrow indicates where
    i touch(click) and debugsphere
    appears elsewhere. besides the pie
    windows for player 2 is behind this

Hello DonFrag,

I’ve attempted reproducing this myself in 4.18 and I’m not seeing this behavior. In your forum post, you also mentioned having to disable DPI scaling. Does the issue related to the click detection also occur when you launch onto a device? What resolution is your monitor at? Are you using the resolution scaling available in Windows 10?

Can you try reproducing this with the Top Down Template, to make sure it isn’t something related to your project in particular?

Top Down Template:

  • character gets to the click location correctly.
  • New PIE window + Multiplayer option 2 = each client window overlaps

My project has the same problem. But when i use MobilePreview ES2 the touch detections works fine (but i can not test multiplayer)

My windows 10 settings

Thank you for that information. This does seem like an issue that could be caused by the additional scaling you have set up through Windows 10, which is what the DPI scaling was meant to fix. Even if it’s not something that you find as an acceptable solution, can you at least try setting the scaling setting in Windows 10 to 100%, logging out and back in, and then seeing if the issue persists? This should let us know if the issue is related to the scaling.

I set DPI to 100% and the touch detections is fixed in new editor window (PIE).
It is not the best solution because everything is small as $%^& but i need to keep working with this project for my job.

Now about the PIE windows overlap, how can i fix that? in 4.17 when i set 2 players the windows are positioned side by side (portrait mode). Now the position in the same location so i can not test what happens on the others player screen,

The DPI setting that you disabled, should be able to help with the issue that you experience with the touch detection when your scale is above 100%. I would suggest reenabling this setting if you wish to continue using 125% scaling. If you have performance problems due to this setting, I would suggest adjusting the scale in the editor, instead of disabling the setting outright.

I’ll look into the issue about the PIE windows not being side by side, but in the meantime, you should be able to workaround this by just clicking and dragging the windows to move them. If your cursor is locked in the window, you can Alt+Tab to another process and then do so.

but all this test were made with the option enabled.(*)
I tried 125% again but the touch is out of position again.

when you say " If you have performance problems due to this setting, I would suggest adjusting the scale in the editor, instead of disabling the setting outright." you mean use widget reflector?
because i can set it to 0.85 and it works again but every time I restart the editor it comes back to 1

PS: (is unticked but enabled, you know this is a UX problem with the editor double negation confusion but whatever)

also i believe that every time than DPI is changed, the Editor rebuilds the dll from Binary

Hello DonFrag,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still looking into this, but haven’t had much luck in reproducing it as of yet. I should have more information sometime soon.

well as you said while i have the windows dpi setting to 100% everything works fine. I am going blind trying to read the small letters but they work.
i was wondering that maybe could be i am using paper2d or an orthographic camera.
if you cannot reproduce I could sent in private the project

That would be the easiest, if you could send the project. If you would like to send it privately, you can send it to me in a private message through the forums. Please go to this link and send me a private message with a link to a download for the project.

Hello DonFrag,

I apologize for the delay on responding to this and thank you for sending me the project. I was not able to reproduce this at the time but would like to continue investigating if you are still experiencing this issue. Are you still being impacted by this? If so, please let me know.