PIE GetGameInstance not returning the right instance


I’ve just updated my project to 4.8. It looks like in PIE the game instance is created for each client which is fine. However what is not is that when I call GetGameInstance from the player controler it returns the game instance from the wrong client.

Here the issue is that i register my playercontroller with the first game instance. As soon as the second game instance is created, it is returned by the GetGameInstance of the player controller. But the controller hasn’t registered with this second instance.

Anny idea on how to fix this?



Any update on this one?

same bug for me :frowning:
Is there any chance this behavior fixed in a Epic changelist ?

Looks like we’ve found the issue which was not related to the gameinstance itself but an object created inside.

In both game instance the object had the same name resulting in the second one replacing the first one