Pico Neo 2

anyone developing for the Pico Neo 2?
I can’t get the simple demo from the documentation pages working.

I follow all the steps and package & install the apk on the device. But when I run it from within the headset it only starts as a 2D app on a screen in front of me…

Any ideas?

I’m working on the NEO2 as well and have done all the steps to install everything. Have you installed the plugins from PICO into your project ?

As for us, we had the pleasure to get full 3D worlds… but the framerate is a nightmare, it’s worse than it could be on Quest, whereas the headset is supposed to be more powerful.

I’d suggest we start to unite in a dev group so we can help each others, we might need it. :confused:

I have also started developing for the Pico Neo 2, and have a test project up and running on the headset.

@Davlin: I think starting a community is a good idea. (I have looked around, but cant find any developers community)

I just started a discord server: Pico VR Developers Community - Pico VR Developers Community - so lets try to gather.

When sdk for Pico 4.25 is official (1-2 weeks?) I can make a test-project for download.

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Hey there,

About to start the journey of developing for the pico and was wondering if I could get an updated discord invite?


I too am wondering how to solve this problem. I am running 4.26 and packaged an APK for Pico and installed successfully. But when I click the app to load, it goes dark for a moment then takes me back to the App Library.