Pickup other half of procedural slice?

I’ve started with BP_PickupCube from the VR template, then I copy it over to a procedural mesh as presented in the Unreal Live training tutorial on procedural mesh slicing.

I can pick up the cube before slicing, I can pick up the original half after slicing, but when I try to pick up the new half, it doesn’t get picked up but instead the original half picks up though not in my hand but where ever it is. So if the 2 halves were 10 meters apart, if I pick up the new half, I see the original half 10 meters away rising up as if I picked it up while the new half does nothing but lay there.

Interesting, I can manipulate the pieces individually hitting them with other objects, for instance I can knock each piece around with the same knife that I cut them. I can also further slice either piece into smaller pieces.

Any help would be appreciated.

nobody knows a solution? it would be great if there is a solution.

An answer would be very helpful because I have the same problem.
I think the problem is that the other half of the procedural mesh have the same owner. There must be a solution to change the owner spawn the other half without an owner.

I worked around this by changing the pickup check from overlapping actors to overlapping components, which is what the sliced pieces are. I’m very new to all this so I don’t know if it’s the best solution, and it has some bugs I haven’t worked out yet… but it works for my purposes.