Pickup Object Transform Not Replicated to Server

I am creating an object pickup system in the ThirdPersonCharacter BP that replicates over online multiplayer. I am VERY close to solving this issue. But basically, the server can pickup and drop an object in first person view using Line Trace. The client can pickup the object but the object will not stay in the clients world space. The object will “freeze” in one spot until the client drops the object.

I can even grab it with the server, then let the client grab it in mid air. But the object does not move when the player does. So the Grab Component and the Release Component are properly replicated but the world location of the clients first person camera is not being replicated somehow.

If anybody has any ideas or solutions that can help me, I’d really appreciate you.

I also tried this and it’s the same result.

Should I use an Event Tick like this? PLEASE HELP. I know somebody knows something about this. It can’t be that hard!

Ok… So the Event Tick idea didnt work. But this code allowed it to move with the client.
Now I have severe stuttering on the clients when moving the ball. Hmmmm…

I’m not super knowledgeable about replication, but I’ve seen other issues similar to this resolved by checking a box in the details panel of the object to tell it to replicate.

I don’t know if that is your issue, but I just thought I would mention it.

The way I do it is on pickup event destroy the servers actor, have the character spawn one and attach to hand/cart/spring arm… whatever. The actor is now “owned” and attached to the player pawn in someway. If the pawn moves then the item/object moves. No need to independently replicate movement of the item. I reverse the process on drop.

Hmm Ok. I’ll see if I can try it that way. Do you have a screenshot of it?

After some trial and error I have built it using your method. Thank you.