Pick up physics objects with Motion Controllers [Marketplace content]


Just in case residents of VR Development forum don’t go to Marketplace forum, I’ll let you know that we (HeadsAndBrains) have updated our marketplace content with new features including support for Motion Controllers and “Headset with keyboard+mouse”. Here is main thread and marketplace. I’ll put Preview and Guide videos here as well, just in case:

A small guide on how to add PUPI for HTC Vive:

As shown in picture below, add (attach) PUPI_R (right) and PUPI_L (left) as child actors to corresponding Motion Controller (right and left).
Note: PUPI_R and PUPI_L actors are in folder Blueprint->ExperimentalMotionControllers.


If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in main thread.

I have been using this for awhile now and I can confirm that it works brilliantly. Incredibly easy to set up and when it is you can pick up any object just by turning on physics on that object. No plugins to install, no BP’s to set up for the objects you want to pick up. Below is a video of me using it. The black scenes are me coming out of the editor and OBS not recording that. All I am doing is turning on physics on the cube and then the car to be able to pick it up.

Thank you for taking your time and writing your thoughts. Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

@Nicat - Very nice pick up system.

I’m wondering: is there any facility for doing multi-handed items, e.g., bows, crossbows, shotguns etc. (with motion controllers)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Excuse me, my English isn’t very good so I am not sure what you meant by “facility for doing multi-handed items”. In case you are asking if it is possible to use PUPI to make bows and that kind of things, then I guess no. Unless you want to make those things totally based on physics(like having rope of bow based on constraint or something), it would require totally different scripting than what PUPI is.