Pick a Color in Material, Black out the Rest, Possible?

Howdy everyone!

The question might be simple but I got the feeling that the solution might be so hard that I won’t get any response, but here goes nothing!

I got this chick below;


I need a way to get each tone and black out the rest. Here is an example of what I need to achieve in material editor. Lets say you wanted to have the second dark tone of the trousers;


Here is the result I want to achieve.

Note that I can’t use an outer-opacity-mask-texture created in photoshop etc. Paper2D does not like it. And it does not fit when animating so I need to get the colors one by one. I got the feeling that I need to create a way to range certain values of green blue and red. Like this;

Red: 0.5 Green: 0.72 Blue: 0.9 ← is what I need.

So I get the range of the colors Red: 0.49999 - 0.50001 - Green 0.719999 - 0.720001 - Blue: 0.89999 - 0.900001. Then delete all the colors below and above it. Though… I have no idea how to do it!

Any small help is appreciated! Thanks!

Something like this should do the trick:


My words can’t describe how thank I am for this mr Arnage. So far everything I tested works well. I will do more tests and let you know if anything goes wrong.

Cheers my friend. :slight_smile:

my material is black for some reason