Pick a Color in Material, Black out the Rest, Possible?

Howdy everyone!

The question might be simple but I got the feeling that the solution might be so hard that I won’t get any response, but here goes nothing!

I got this chick below;


I need a way to get each tone and black out the rest. Here is an example of what I need to achieve in material editor. Lets say you wanted to have the second dark tone of the trousers;


Here is the result I want to achieve.

Note that I can’t use an outer-opacity-mask-texture created in photoshop etc. Paper2D does not like it. And it does not fit when animating so I need to get the colors one by one.

Any small help is appreciated! Thanks!

Hello Achilleon,

So, if I understand this correctly, you would like a material that not only derives the location of the tone you want to show but also determines the other tones and location associated with this sprite and blacks those tones out? You are also saying that you can’t use outer-opacity-mask-texture?

May I ask why you need this to happen? With more context as to why you need this to happen for this sprite I should be able to determine if this is possible as well as a viable solution.

Hello Mr .

First of all sorry for the late response and thank you for trying to help.

The whole purpose is so I can create a palette system for my Fighting Game Template.

You know, using single opacity mask texture does not work because Paper2D is constantly updating unlike 3d where we have specified materials, so it’s way easier for 3d to have something like this.

With this way, I would be able to seperate the colors and let the developer change the specified colors he wishes to make a simple palette system, or effects.

I got an answer to my problem at forums,

Though if you think there is a better way, I would like to hear! Thanks!

That is what I was going to suggest but it looks like Achilleon has already provided this answer.