Physx Constraints Motor nor doing anything C++


I am having real trouble implementing constraints in C++ since there is absolutely no documentation on how to setup things correctly, there is not even one code-example out there, only Ramas Wiki article on how to set basic values.

My target is to create the principal of a self-closing door. When something opened the door, it will close automatically.
Or more abstract: I need a way to say the constraint to rotate the constrainted object.

But I have no success in implementing it. The constraint itself now works and reacts properly to external forces, but all the motors don’t have any effect on them.

The movement:

	this->steerElement->getConstrainedComponent()->SetAngularVelocityDrive(true, true);
	this->steerElement->getConstrainedComponent()->SetAngularDriveParams(50000, 100, 100000);
	this->steerElement->getConstrainedComponent()->SetAngularVelocityTarget(rot.Vector() * 50);

Settings: Linear Axis all locked. Angular axis all limited, Twist locked.

Breaking the constraint in code does work, so I have the right pointer there, also my values I pass get updated (they show up correctly in the editor when I select the constraint when I eject from the game), but it doesn’t move a single millimeter. I tried tons of settings but I not once succeeded in just moving it one idea of a centimeter…

Am I missing something? I tried everything, enable linear axis, linear motor, everything…

I would really appreciate some help.
Thanks :slight_smile: