PhysicsBall BP camera control sync how?

I am trying to sync control with camera rotation.

Till now I followed this post

But there is issue.

When we turn camera and look straight down from z axis (Top view), then the left/Right controls doesn’t work.

They only works when viewing from front or side views,

There is some conflict with z axis rotation and I can’t understand how to resolve it. Please help.

When looking straight up or down, your ControlRotation forward vector only has a Z component, ie. (0,0,1) or (0,0,-1), so your end result is basically a zero vector.

I’m not familiar with rolling ball template, but try using character rotation instead or Control Rotation.

can you please where can I find such function? I am absolute beginner. I tried searching function for “get character rotation” but no result

Never mind. found it. Its name was “GetBaseRotationOffset”. Thanks Its working now

Wait. its working but changing camera about z axis does not change the controls.
Means looking from front view works correctly. but From back view pressing left character goes right and pressing right character goes left. It is not based on camera rotation anymore. I guess I have to both of them combined somehow.

Got the solution. It was so stupid.

lets see the issue first if anybody missed it.

Using get control rotation we get the position of our camera.

So viewing from top view was slowing down left/right movement of ball.


Because Get control rotation was feeding some some roll and pitch value with yaw.

For right/left move we only need to know Yaw. So this solved my problem

Hope this helps somebody!

As a beginner
I was looking for solution since 2-3 days and didn’t realize the solution was in front of me whole time