Physics Restitution capped at 1.0 (recent change)

A restitution of 1.65 means that an object would gain energy by bouncing. It would leave the surface it impacts with a velocity higher than it entered.
This is really bad for the stability of the physical simulation, so it seems very reasonable to cap this value.
if you need to give an object an extra “kick,” you can always register a collision callback and add a force to it.


Since 4.12 or 4.11, the Physics Material Restitution value is capped at 1.0 in the editor.

I used to use it with something like 1.65 which doesn’t work anymore since I upgraded.

Could you advise how to be able to break that cap? It used to work just fine over 1.

That’s what I ended up doing but in the case of an older pinball-type game I had in 4.10, the restitution >1 worked wonders. I admit it’s not physically correct maybe, however it sure was lighter than having to flip a vector and apply force.